Public Reminders and Updates for Our Homeowners

Covenant and Bylaws Update - Sale and Occupying of Unit
November 30, 2020

All prospective buyers and sellers must obtain an Estoppel Letter prior to closing. To obtain this document, contact:

Information will be coming soon.

Or click the link below:

Architectural Modification Request Form


June 19, 2018

We are a pet-friendly community, and we know that they make good company, good emotional support, good physical support, and a good protector. However, there are pet owners who are allowing their pets to relieve their bodily movements in other residents’ spaces. It is your responsibility to clean up after your pet. Please respect other residents’ space and be a good neighbor.

Lexie Dog

Mailing Address for HOA Fees

August 25, 2022

Make checks, money orders payable to:
Brentwood Manors Phase II HOA

Send Payments to:
Brentwood Manors Phase II HOA
P.O. Box 628207
Orlando, Florida 32862-8207

Deed-Restricted Community

According to our bylaws, this community is a Deed-Restricted Community, therefore renting of units is strictly prohibited. If there is such a violation of the bylaws, our contracted law firm will be directed to act on the case.

Board Meetings

The Board of Directors meets on the second Wednesday of each month to discuss issues as they relate to the community.

If you have an issue that you would like to bring to the attention of the Association’s Board, you are welcome to attend the meeting with prior notice.

Security Lights

If your security light is out, it is the unit owner's responsibility to get it service. The easiest way to restore the light is to replace the old lightbulb with a dust-to-dawn bulb. 

Preparation for Hurricane Season Board has begun its preparation for this upcoming season.

How to Prepare for Hurricane Season |

Paint Color Information