Our Board

Message from the Current Board of Directors

We have just concluded our 2021 fiscal year and commencing on the 2022 fiscal year on a stable financial status.  The Board of Directors are delighted to serve you, as we plan to implement steps and strategies to make sure our community continues to be the envy of all surrounding communities.


                            –     President

Carol Self            –    Vice President

Cathy Moro        –     Secretary

Leroy Kerr           –     Treasurer

Patricia Orange   –    Director

Howard Furr.        –    Director 


Proposals for 2022

  • Update the landscaping at both entrances
  • Continue re-sodding of areas in need of grass
  • Continue redirecting of irrigation system to cover all areas as needed
  • To collect outstanding funds owing to the association in progress
  • Hurricane pruning and removal of trees which are dangerous to life and property
  • Sealing and patching of the streets and driveways (In progress as of 2/7/22)

🤔Update: Due to Covid-19 or Corona Virus we were unable to schedule the Association’s Annual General Meeting to begin the 2022 fiscal year.